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 Manly Pilates is a small personal boutique studio 

 dedicated to helping you perform and be your best! 

Do you want to build strength and improve your mobility?
Looking to improve your posture?
Do you need to find energy and power pre/post pregnancy?
Are you recovering from an injury?

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Why Manly Pilates?

Manly Pilates is a small personal studio dedicated to helping you perform and be your best. From one-on-one and semi-private sessions with Joscelyn, your experienced instructor of 10 years, to small group classes, every activity is designed around your needs and personal goals.

Whether you need help recovering from an injury, are looking for pre or post-pregnancy support and progression, want to improve your sporting prowess, or simply looking to feel better in your own skin, Manly Pilates is here for you. 

What We Do

A program is tailored to suit you and help you reach your goals

Pilates Class
General Class
Maximum of five participants

This is a 55 minute general class with up to only five clients.


You will be guided through the exercises and I will be there to give cues regarding the exercises.


Please note that the class does not focus on your specific targeted needs. For a personalised session I recommend the semi private or private session.

Manly Pilates Private and semi private sessions
Private and semi
private sessions

My boutique studio is designed to provide focused sessions for one on one or up to three clients.


I use the Reformer, Chair, Oovs, Mat and other apparatus designed to assist and challenge you, whilst making it fun and engaging.


Manly Pilates will help you align your body as well as lengthen and strengthen your muscles through resistance and balance, resulting in a stronger, leaner you with confidence in balance, co-ordination and performance. 

Manly Pilates, polestar student mentoring
Polestar Student

Polestar Studio, Reformer and Mat Student mentoring.


Private and small group sessions available.

If you want to become a great instructor, come and learn from 10 years of experience in helping Polestar students.


Empowering Women

Joscelyn understands that women can face challenges post-pregnancy and during menopause with prolapses and stress incontinence.


Manly Pilates offers the opportunity to incorporate this aspect into your program to address these uniquely female issues using Pilates and daily breath and movement exercises that can yield lasting results. 

Yoga Class
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About Jos

Joscelyn is a diploma-qualified Polestar mentor and instructor and has been teaching Pilates for more than 10 years with a particular focus on women’s health.

As a mother of two, Joscelyn personally understands how your body and energy changes as you travel through life.

Joscelyn’s philosophy is to enrich the lives of others through Pilates and is a firm believer in the philosophy of Joseph Pilates: “Pilates is the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit”.

Joscelyn is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. (NDIS)


What our clients are saying

Clock and Plant

 Please phone Jos on 0405 645 700 to book in your Free Introductory Class! 

No drop ins. By Appointment only

Duration 55 minutes
Casual $27
10 classes $245

[During school term]


Semi Private Session
(Only one to three people)

Duration 55 minutes
Casual $45
5 pack $42 [$210]
10 pack $39 [$390]

Private One on One
Session or Mentoring

Duration 55 minutes
Casual $95
5 pack $90 [$450]
10 pack $85 [$850]

General Class
(Maximum five people in a class)

Book Online

Say hello!


Want to be stronger and more effective in how you move?

Call today to find out how Manly Pilates can help you.

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