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  • What are the benefits of pilates?
    -Strengthens and lengthens muscles -Tones muscles as oposed to bulking up -Stamina and energy -Strength and agility to improve your game -Strength and flexibility to improve your daily activities -Assists in injury prevention and recovery -Supports pregnancy, post-partum -Supports menopause and assists with osteoporosis, fall prevention -Balance and stability -Learn breaths to better facilitate better movement -Mental wellbeing with breath -Reduce aches and pains -Posture and spinal alignment
  • Why would I do a semi or private sessions as to a book or a video?
    At Manly Pilates we provide client focused programs, the moves are specifically tailored to you, how you currently move and how to progress your movement strategy and awareness. Variations to an exercise, different loads, different exercises and focuses are there specifically for you, the client to achieve your needs and goals. A book or video provide general classes, to keep the general population safe and still engaged, it is generally marketed to a particular client type.
  • Is it safe to do pilates whilst I am pregnant?
    Call me if you are unsure. Otherwise in general, it is suggested you obtain clearance from your medical practitioner for a semi or private class. I have completed several women's health courses and continue to stay up to date with the latest industry work practices to ensure you receive the best care whilst performing pilates.
  • Is it okay to do pilates if I am injured?
    I work closely with a number of health practitioners already to ensure we do what is in line with you and your health practitioners goal. We provide progress details to them and when we can add more load or challenge to your program.
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